CityStroll – guided walking tour

Explore Winterthur, hear about its history and socialize in the pub! On the CityStroll you have everything in one tour, hoste  more

Every Photograph is an enigma

Drawing exclusively from photographs in his private collection, many of them anonymous, he presents a selection of photograph  more

Rudolf Lichtsteiner – On the State of Things

Rudolf Lichtsteiner mistrusts the visible and questions our seeing habits by enabling totally new image experiences through p  more

06.01 - 24.04.2016
From Eugène Delacroix to Giovanni Giacometti

The prelude to the anniversary takes us back to the founding years of the Winterthur museum of art: A time when in Winterthur  more

12. - 15.02.2016
Carnival Winterthur

The big Sunday procession, which always beckons a great number of spectators to the alleys of the Old Town, is definitely at  more