Caste Hegi Garden

Hegi Castle - Garden

The ProSpecieRara-Pflanzgarten at Hegi Castle in Winterthur is not a copy of a kitchen garden from the Middle Ages. With its modern structural style elements and interactive path, the garden is a new and contemporary interpretation.


Winterthur Museum of Nature

The natural scientific collections of old have been dusted and a family-friendly, snazzy museum of nature has emerged. Its exhibitions enable you to enter the fascinating realm of nature in a playful and informative manner.


Kerala Children's Museum

The Kerala Children's Museum is integrated into the Museum of Nature and provides a place to learn through play and experience for accompanied children aged 4 to 8.


Swiss Science Center Technorama

Switzerland's only Science Centre is a tactile Museum: here science becomes an experience of the senses. The curious can experiment to their heart's content at more than 500 interactive stations.